You say, “That is not me. I could never be like that. That person is other, is undeserving, a monster.” It’s an old story. It’s how wars begin, it’s how people turn on each other. And you know, it starts so simply too: “I am not you. I am nothing like you.” And it is, each time, a lie.

Because underneath all the layers of fear and the protection, we are, at our core, the same. We have the same needs. We carry with us the same capacity for good and evil […] you are … every person you will ever meet.

— Dr. Tom, Being Erica (S04.E01)

How despite the superficial differences, you know that deep down, we’re all the sameWe have the same secret needs, and the same wild dreams. We walk around thinking our secret pain, our secret joy is so unique, when really we all just want the same things: to be happy, to be safe, to be loved.

— Erica, Being Erica (S04.E01)

9 Comments on You are…every person you will ever meet

  1. Hm, poate tocmai de asta se intampla ca uneori sa gasim mai putina toleranta vis-a-vis de o anumita persoana, pentru ca realizam ca ne seamana atat de mult. Si e plictisitor sau inspaimantator (pentru ca ai ocazia sa-ti observi mai des defectele). De multe ori, cu cat celalalt e mai diferit de noi, cu atat atractia e mai mare.

    • Da…Patesc si eu asta deseori si e greu pentru mine sa accept ca de fapt acea persoana imi seamana foarte mult si ca tot ceea ce face, bun si rau, este pentru a obtine fericirea, un lucru care nu ar trebui sa fie blamat. Cu totii ne dorim sa fim fericiti.

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